Our crew at Global Marine Group, are specialized operators of high-speed yachts, super yachts and commercial vessels. Whether it be in domestic or international waters, our highly skilled, reliable and internationally qualified staff can assist you with the relocation of your yacht, commissioning of new builds and refits or deliveries of vessels once sold.

Once your vessel has left its berth, we are in constant contact with your yachts captain and crew, so that we can provide you with the latest update progress and positioning of your yacht. This service allows you to co-ordinate your travel itinerary with the arrival of your yacht, allowing you to maximize your vacation time with family and friends.

Commissioning, Relocation

& Deliveries

The following are just a few vessels that our crew have delivered and commissioned.

Please contact us to obtain a quote.


  • Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd - Passenger Ferry “Peace Maker” (22M) – Virgin, Gorda ​Technical management
  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd - Passenger Ferry “Nasser 1” (22.3M) -  Bander Abbas, Iran
  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd - Passenger Ferry “Chogogo”” (22M) – Bonaire, Netherlands, Antillies
  • Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd - Passenger Ferry “Emirates” (22M) – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd -  Passenger Ferry “Ocean 20” (22M) – Maldives

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd -  Passenger Ferry “Royal Ferry II” (25M) – Illoilo, Phillippines

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd -  Passenger Ferry “Cape of Good Hope” (25M) – Cape Town, South Africa

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd -  Passenger Ferry (25M) – Esperance, Western Australia

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd – Luxury Motor Yacht (27M), Jet Propulsion – United States of America

  • ​Sabre Catamaran Pty Ltd – 27M, Delivery from Fremantle to Brisbane, Australia

  • ​Wavemaster - Passenger Ferry (36M), Irish Mono hull - Ireland

  • ​Wavemaster - Passenger Ferry “Wavemaster 8” (37M), Triple Prop - Singapore

  • ​Wavemaster - Passenger Ferry “Herron Spirit” (40M), Triple Prop  - Australia

  • ​Ocean Fast - Motor Yacht “Antipodean” (40M), Jet Propulsion - Australia

  • ​Ocean Fast - Passenger Ferry “Caraibe Jet”, 48M Quad Jet Propulsion - Australia

  • ​Austal Ships -Passenger/Car Ferry “ HSC Benchijigua Express” (127M), Quad Jet Trimaran – Canary Islands

  • ​Austal Ships – P1024 / P1026, 37.5M -  Yemen Military Patrol Vessels

  • ​Penang Ship Building - Passenger Ferry (39M), Quad Jet Propulsion – Lumut, Malaysia

  • ​Motor Yacht “Teeth” – Private Luxury Motor Yacht (37M), Jet Propulsion – Brunei

  • ​Japanese Tuna Fishing Vessel “Tsui Maru” (45M) – Japan

  • ​Commercial Sailing Yacht “Kalamari” (18M)  - Western Australia, Australia

  • ​Motor Yacht “Zenith” – Private Luxury Motor Yacht (42M), United States of America